Fresh summer cake.
Different recipe for favourite, traditional dessert.
Favorite Christmas pastry reminding small cold snowballs :)
Very popular dessert with relatively easy preparation and fresh and great taste.
Simple non baked delicacy for the weekend guests.
Refreshing lemon slices which ensure you a compliment from your guests. The recipe was made from the half-dose of a standard, but if you expect more guests, it is recommended to double the dose.
Suhajdy, which were preferably prepared in the 70-ies and 80-ies of the past century in Czechoslovakia. For the preparation you necessarily need traditional cocoa pudding in a box :) and empty plastic egg packagings.
"Great" ... yum-yum... "great" ... yum-yum.." really great.. - comment from the sweet tooth
Recipe for preparing cheesecake - the world famous curd cheese cake.
Mexican way of preparing traditional Spanish recipe for Churros, enriched with eggs. Churros are served with melted chocolate. For larger family it is recommended to duplicate the amounts.
Refreshing dessert, that warms your soul and belly :) on chilly autumn Sunday.
Dip - sauce from lentils and potatoes.
Rich and tasty dessert.
Recipe for salad with mayonnaise. The beet contains a lot of vitamins. It is recommended to be made in the winter. This is time that beet is best for eating as it makes your health and immunity stronger.
Simple, no-bake dessert for gourmands.
Rich soup from not much known healthy legumes. In past these legumes were often part of meals of our predecessors. Today it has many varieties and it is one of the most popular foods in German speaking countries, they call it "Dicke bohnen" - "Strong ...
Version with red radish has similar flavour and it has more interesting colour, but you need to grate it much longer.
Do you love profiteroles but complicated preparation or past failures discourages you? Try our maxi profiterole and you will not regret. It tastes like traditional profiterole and we guarantee the success with this recipe :).


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