Favorite Christmas pastry reminding small cold snowballs :)
Unbaked Christmas cake.
The traditional Christmas sweets.
Recipe for preparation of tasty Christmas walnut pastry with nutty cream and chocolate. Durable pastry, that can decorate your dinning table during the whole Christmas holidays.
Recipe for crispy rings baked with marmalade and walnut meringue. Ideally as a christmas biscuits.
Small tasty crescents with favourite Christmas fillings.
Dry machine biscuit with coconut flavour. Classic delicacy for the Christmas table.
Sweet Christmas delicacy :) - viennese walnut mini rings stuffed with butter chocolate cream.
Delicate, puffy pastries. Tasty variation of traditional Christmas pastry - bear claws.
Great Christmas cocoa - coconut cakes.
Gingerbread Christmas pastry stuck together with cream. Baked pastry is nice and soft. This type of cream is very tasty and has long durability.
Simple and healthy biscuit served in the summer with coffee or on Christmas. If you use brown sugar, cookies will taste more like caramel. We can change the flavor with cocoa, cinnamon, or add raisins and nuts.
Delicate coconut rounds filled with jam. Rounds are covered with a smooth cream and coated in coconut. Perfect for a Christmas dessert.
Favorite, no-bake, Christmas delicacy.
Soup from large beans with large pieces of smoked meat for many big gluttons. For less big gluttons cook soup from half amount of ingredients.
Soft, Christmas durable pastry.
Classic Christmas pastry from smooth dough.
Favorite Christmas cake for children and adults.


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