Delicious crispy pancakes.
A simple fresh cake made of mascarpone, whipped cream and white chocolate with blueberries.
Fluffy cake with matcha tea and cranberries. Due to its unique greenish color, it is also suitable as an Easter treat.
Great mascarpone cake with peaches. With the help of children, our cake bunny was created and decorated with Easter eggs in the shape of eggs. Of course you can decorate your cake according to your own ideas. It will taste just delicious!
According to this recipe you can easily prepare nice salty and green pancakes. You can fill them according to your taste, for example with cheese and lettuce.
Very tasty spring pancakes from new potatoes and great ramsons.
Tasty cake without added sugar and flour. Sweetness and fiber are ensured by a high proportion of fruit.
Cake for adult people.
Favorite potato pancakes, this time with tasty marinated beef with paprika.
Tasty pancakes baked without unnecessary fat in the ActiFry 2in1 fryer. Serve with baked potatoes, also prepared in this fryer.
Almost raw, healthy cake made of carrots, bananas, nuts, peanuts, coconut ... without flour, sugar, milk, eggs and of course without baking. If you use only pure nuts instead of roasted peanuts, you will create a raw cake and not just almost raw :)
Besan ladoo (laduu) is a popular Indian dessert made from chickpea flour, ghee (butter) and sugar. Almonds, pistachios, or coconut and fragrant cardamom are most often added to the dessert.
Tasty unbaked cake, without sugar, flour, milk and eggs. But full of healthy ingredients.
A simple recipe for zucchini pancakes
Tasty and nutritious cake without flour. It goes well with tea and coffee and tastes great served with whipped cream. Then it's not so healthy, is it?
A soft and sweet cake with raisins that will taste to everyone.
Filling, easy eggplant pancakes.
Sweet cinnamon cake, full of juicy pieces of apples. The cake is lower from mentioned amount of ingredients, but we do not recommend doubling them. If it is not enough, bake one more!
Tasty potato pancakes. Consume it separately, or you can also serve it as a side dish to grilled turkey or chicken.
Juicy pie full of sweet cream curd with apples, on a thin spelt dough with butter.


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