Cheesecake with shortbread base with sweet cream cheese, fruit and whisked egg white baked.
Recipe for preparing of traditional white Sour Cream Potato Soup. You will manage to cook the soup so easily as my mother, grandmother, great grandmother...
White cabbage with bacon in grated potatoes.
Quick recipe for healthy vegetable soup with smooth dumplings from beaten egg white foam.
Recipe for crispy crunchy biscuits made of homemade egg whites bread with nuts.
Delicious cheeses thanks to the spicy mixture Gyros. Suitable as an appetizer but also just for breakfast. Serve with fresh white bread.
Parboiled rice is healthier than classic white rice due to its technological preparation. However, few people like it because of its taste. When preparing rice with butter, it becomes a tasty side dish.
Tasty spread that is most delicious with fresh wholemeal bread, but also with a crunchy white croissant. Also suitable for canap├ęs.


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