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Home-made is the best. Eat it for breakfast through the year and with a cabbage soup on christmas. Also known as Challah bread.
Favourite and very tasty lentil soup with plums for christmas table.
Recipe for small christmas delicacies from puff pastry with delicate cream.
Durable walnut pastry filled with walnut and chocolate cream with chocolate poured on. Perfect christmas pastry. No need to store it in the cold place.
Crunchy cakes for christmas time.
Old-style famous christmas honey cookies.
Tender and fluffy occasional muffins.
christmas cabbage soup should be weaker and should fulfill the role of any appetizer before christmas Eve Dinner. Even its cooked amount can tempt you for consumption of the full plate, consider that it is better on the next day when it rests for a ...
Delicious savory pastries.
Lots of great baking recipes and ideas for your christmas time ;) welcome


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