Great traditional meal.
Cabbage soup - soup from sauerkraut is served with bread, Christmas cake and to taste you can add sour cream on a plate. It is tasty in winter time such as in hot summer, therefore cook it more often not just for Christmas.
Favorite classic salad made of scalded cabbage with sweet and sour marinade. Serve with roasted and braised meat.
Delicious and juicy stuffed cabbage leaves.
Original recipe for this ancient soup mentiones the preparation in kettle placed over the fire and baking potatoes in hot embers. We offer you easy preparation of this tasty and healthy soup in the modern cousin.
Tasty thick soup, full of healthy vegetable, which is favoured by children as well as by adults.
Delicious salad, great as a side dish to the meat. As a separate meal, without adding tartar sauce, can be a healthy dinner for all the dieters.
Serve either as sweet meal with sugar and cinnamon, or as salty meal with salt and roast bacon. Following meal is neutral, so that both options for serving and consuming are available.
Tasty vegetarian lunch or dinner. Serve it with some potatoes side dish.
Thick healthy soup that makes you warm and satiated.
Side dish, finely bitter salad. Recipe inspired by Indian cuisine.
A simple Christmas soup that carries the taste of the popular sauerkraut, lentils and fresh mushrooms.
Sweet, quick dinner. Serve with sugar and cinnamon.
A simple recipe for preparing Chinese cabbage Pak choi and aromatic shiitake mushrooms with garlic, ginger and a little oyster sauce.
Favorite classic: cabbage sauce with stewed pork. Serve with fresh bread.
18-20 servings of tasty cabbage for a big New Year's Eve party. Cook in a large, at least 8 liter pot.
Simple recipe for stewed cabbage with tempeh suitable as a side dish to grilled vegetables, grilled cheese, or as a separate dish.
Tasty baked cabbage is a suitable side dish to roast meat. It is also a tasty vegan dish. You will definitely like it!


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