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Tasty food.
Crispy salty pagáč from the bryndza dough.
Popular large potato pancake baked in the oven.
Recipe for spaghetti with bryndza, crispy carrots, onions and coriander.
Favourite salty flat bread from bryndza and onion.
Tasty bryndza sticks great for every party.
Delicious savory pastries.
Very tasty spring halushky can be served with bryndza or as a side dish to Pörkölt or goulash.
Easy, seasonal spring spread full of health.
Softly leavened pancakes, filled with a salty filling.
Traditional Slovak meal with unique flavour, high energy value and positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
Tasty appetizer for celebrations and holidays. Serve with favorite salads, garnished dishes.
Tasty spread for fresh bread.
Salty treat for festive guests.
Tasty salty cakes with sheep cheese (bryndza) and spring onion filling.
Bobáľky... a traditional Slovak Christmas dish. They are often served with poppy seeds, nuts, cream curd ... but they are delicous also wih bryndza cheese or cabbage. Their name and the way, how you serve them vary by region. From this amount you ...

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