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Simply prepared bean sauce from canned white beans. Serve with fried egg, vegetable or meatballs.
Popular creamed sauce from white bean. Serve with crunchy roasted pork sausages and bread.
What to cook for a lunch in a steamer? Easy and quick recipe for pork cutlets in white wine.
A simple fresh cake made of mascarpone, whipped cream and white chocolate with blueberries.
Do you have some leftover egg whites from making homemade eggnog? Bake these sweet, crispy sticks dipped in chocolate.
More then 50 years old original recipe for delicious Egg white fancy cake recommended for celebrations and friendly get-togethers.
Tasty bread pudding made from whole wheat bread, full of healthy apples and with a large layer of baked egg white snow.
Juicy meat with vegetables. Serve with mashed potatoes.
Version with red radish has similar flavour and it has more interesting colour, but you need to grate it much longer.
Creamed soup from cannellini beans. Serve the soup before second main sweet dish.
A sweet cake for weekdays and holidays.
Tasty warm punch for cold winter evening.
Braised head cabbage is served with roasted duck or roasted pork meat. If we leave used sugar during its preparation to caramelise then finished meal will be always different resulting colour according to degree of caramelization.

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