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Unleavened dumplings are very simple prepared side dish. It fits to any good goulash or even sirloin. They are soft, tasty even without yeast. You can cook it in any larger porcelain tea mug. Try it, you will definitely like it.
Deliscious small baked dumplings filled with sweet jam.
Recipe for traditional dumplings from potato dough filled with plums. Finish the plum dumplings with the favourite sweet mixture.
Classic homemade dumplings with the onion as a side dish for the main course.
Tasty dumplings (kluski) are served with cooked meats and sauce.
Quick recipe for healthy vegetable soup with smooth dumplings from beaten egg white foam.
Broccoli dumplings (balls) prepared in steamer are great and healthy snak. Serve hot, spinkled with onion fried in olive oil.
Recipe for potatoes dumplings, sprinkled with ground poppy seeds with sugar and poured with melted butter.
Simple dumplings from flour and water, great as a side dish to perkelt and paprikash. They can also be served as an individual meal - sweet with poppy seeds and sugar ... or salty with cream cheese and fried bacon.
Recipe of potato dumplings from mashed potatoes, roasted in butter and sprinkled with nuts and sugar.
Basic recipe for preparation of traditional potatoe dumplings, which can be served in several variations.
Tasty dumplings filled with jam, not only for carnival time.
Recipe for homemade rolled dumplings from potato dough, sprinkled with sweet cream cheese.
Tasty and rich dumpling with a typical crosshatch pattern. Enhanced version with mushrooms and bacon.

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