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Meatloaf is served on Easter whipping as a cold meal with traditional veka pastry. For those who stay for a lunch, we can heat the meat pie and serve it with mashed potatoes.
Innovatory baked buns from leavened dough in Easter styling.
Easy durable biscuit without filling. Young Easter whippers will love it.
Judas is favorite Easter pastry known already for a few centuries.
Great mascarpone cake with peaches. With the help of children, our cake bunny was created and decorated with Easter eggs in the shape of eggs. Of course you can decorate your cake according to your own ideas. It will taste just delicious!
A traditional symbol of Easter, which will please not only your taste buds.
Tender cake from yeast dough full of delicious fillings.
Tasty cake suitable for baking at any time during the year, not only for the holidays.
Sweet crispy cookies made of oatmeal and rye flour. Tasty and healthy for everyone.
Sweet mascarpone roulade with bananas and a dough full of bunnies.
Favourite Easter pastry - we offer a recipe with walnuts.
Tasty Easter appetizer - cold. Great lunch - when served immediately after preparation when the balls are still warm.

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