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Excellent roulade from boneless chicken stuffed with meat filling. Serve hot with mash potato. It is tasty also cold with bread rolls.
Delicate roulade with mascarpone cream and cocoa-coffee base.
Simple and financially friendly preparation of tasty and favourite roulade.
Light dietetic roulade with no sugar addition. Suitable for everybody trying to loose weight and do not want to give-up dessert after sunday lunch.
Excellent two-coloured roulade filled with creamy "drunken" filling :)
Recipe for prep of tasty roulade from boneless chicken, suitable for festive events. Recipe is more difficult because of boning of chicken, we are crossing our fingers for all beginners.
Extremely tasty meat roulade. It does not take a lot of time to prepare it. Serve with mash potato and vegetable garnish.
Non-baked roulade without sugar.
Excellent snack suitable for any party, Easter Monday as well as New Year´s Eve.
Salty cheese delicacy mostly prepared at New Year's Eve and for different celebrations.
Something sweet for guys who are whipping girls on Easter Monday.
Easy and delicious roll from sponge cake.
Baked rolls from minced pork, they are soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside, stuffed with boiled eggs.
Easy and fast prep of light dietetic lunch or dinner.
Excellent jelly roll from sponge cake filled with refreshing cream cheese and blueberries.
Simple and sweet titbir for feast days.


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