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Recipe for preparation of potato dumplings, oven-baked with chicken meat and vegetable.
Recipe for traditional dumplings from potato dough filled with plums. Finish the plum dumplings with the favourite sweet mixture.
Basic recipe for preparation of traditional potatoe dumplings, which can be served in several variations.
Recipe of potato dumplings from mashed potatoes, roasted in butter and sprinkled with nuts and sugar.
dumplings from potato dough prepared with sauerkraut and fried bacon.
Classic homemade dumplings with the onion as a side dish for the main course.
Tasty dumplings (kluski) are served with cooked meats and sauce.
Recipe for a typical tasty beef dish. Serve with rice, potatoes, or with dumplings.
Tasty homemade potato balls stuffed with meat filling.
Popular potato dumplings filled with smoked meat, served with fried onions and sauerkraut.
Recipe for homemade rolled dumplings from potato dough, sprinkled with sweet cream cheese.
Soft and tasty dumplings from potato dough filled with plum jam.
The sauce is served with cooked or roasted meat, with meatballs, together with dumplings or boiled potatoes.
Recipe for potatoes dumplings, sprinkled with ground poppy seeds with sugar and poured with melted butter.
Delicious tender duck - simple recipe from old times. Serve with mentioned grape sauce and potato pancakes, or with favourite braised cabbage and yeast dumplings.
Thick soup full of vegetables, tasty mushrooms and small potato dumplings.
Cook a Czechoslovak classic from semi-finished products and discover the taste of old times :)
You have cooked beef soup or broth. If you have some cooked meat, we offer you a really excellent sauce from it. It is suitable for pasta, but also for dumplings, potatoes.
Tasty recipe of original Hungarian goulash. It consists only of meat, onions, peppers and tomatoes. It is very tasty and even if it is not thickened, it is thick enough. It is traditionally served with potato dumplings (halusky), but nothing prevents ...
Traditional Slovak meal with unique flavour, high energy value and positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

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