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Traditional delicacy of czech cuisine is time - consuming, but well worth having the patience. A gourmet experience.
Delicious, slightly spicy, stuffed pickled sausages - a traditional meal of the czech cold buffet.
Traditional czech meal, pork thigh with sauerkraut and dumpling.
A favorite dish from czech cold cuisine. Serve with bread and a glass of well-cooled beer.
Tasty soup of Southern Bohemian region.
Very tasty, sweet little cakes filled with different kind of filling - curd, poppy, nuts or just a classic jam. To make them takes a bit longer time as long as it is not possible to bake them all at the same time. Otherwise, eating them does not take ...
Really great classic recipe, tenderloin on cream, as our father used to cook it for us fifty years ago.
Tasty and rich dumpling with a typical crosshatch pattern. Enhanced version with mushrooms and bacon.
Tasty dumpling from sandwich bread as a side dish.
Tasty and dense dumpling with typical crosshatch structure.
Judas is favorite Easter pastry known already for a few centuries.
Only few can resist the combination of fried pork, onion, garlic, pepper, pickled cucumber and ketchup. To have Kaťák really hot, use a spicy pepper.


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