Punch Cake


delicious, home-made, tender, tasty, luscious, heavenly...simply a punch cake.


No. of servings


Ready in

1 h. 15 min.






1. Preparing biscuit flan (corpus)

chicken egg 12 pcs  flour medium 12 tbsp  powdered sugar 12 tbsp  baking powder for gingerbread ¾ oz (18 g)

We backe three biscuit corpuses. The biscuit dough is prepared by whisking 4 yolks with 4 table‑spoonfuls of powder sugar. In secong bowl we mix 4 table‑spoonfuls of flour with baking powder. We the egg whites until we get stiff peaks.

Preparing biscuit flan (corpus)


To the bowl with whites we gradually whisk a flour with baking powder and the firm snow peaks. We pour the dough into a deep baking pan covered with a wax paper. We cook for about 15 minutes at 355°F (180°C). We prepare the other corpuses in the same way.


apricot jam 500 ml

We cover two corpuses with softer homemade apricot jam.

4. Preparing punch syrup

water 100 ml  raspberry syrup 400 ml  rum 100 ml  lemon-juice 3 tbsp  rum-raspberry flavor 8 ml

We bring the water to the boiling point. We add lemon juice, rum, punch flavour and a raspberry syrup. It doesn´t have to be raspberry syrup, it can be any other syrup of red colour. We recommend to use a first-rate syrup. If the syrup is mopre or less sweet, we add a sugar into the mixture.

Preparing punch syrup


The best way how to slowly fill the layer in the middle is by injecting the syrup.


When the layer in middle absorbs enough amount of syrup, we put it on the layer bellow, covered with jam, and we put a layer up (covered with a jam).

7. Sugar punch icing

raspberry syrup 1 tbsp

We bring the syrup to the boiling point.

Sugar punch icing


lemon-juice 2 tbsp  sugar granulated  powdered sugar 5.25 oz (150 g)

We add lemon-juice to the syrup and the right amount of sugar so that the icing would be appropriately dense.


We cover the whole cake with an icing.

Bon appetit!


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