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Especially delicate and delicious pork cutlets.
Homemade stewed ham with 100% pork content, without preservatives and other additives. Ham has after cooking a natural color and taste of cooked meat. It is the most suitable ham for children. From the stated amount of meat we get about 650 g of ham.
Easy goulash from pork and potatoes.
Well prepared pork thigh stuffed with bacon, egg and cabbage with sauce.
A simple process for preparingdelicious steaks from fine pork tenderloin. Pan can be replaced by garden grill.
Favourite spanish rolls from pork meat prepared in steaming pot.
Tasty pork carré, does not have to be prepared only as a cutlet, served with spagheti.
Tasty pork burgers with cheese.
Tasty lunch from minced pork, ham and cheese. Serve it with boiled potatoes and your favourite sauce.
Baked rolls from minced pork, they are soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside, stuffed with boiled eggs.
Favourite delicacy for everyone who loves roast pork knuckles :)
What to cook for a lunch in a steamer? Easy and quick recipe for pork cutlets in white wine.
Recipe for braised pork meat on fresh mushrooms. Matching side dish with this meal is rice, tarhona (Slovak type of pasta shaped into small balls) or mashed potatoes.
Tasty and not really expensive meal from cabbage and pork sausages, the homemade steamed dumpling is a great side dish.
pork meat in a soft sauce of carrot, broccoli and cauliflower. Serve with dumplings or steamed dumpling.
Sliced pork soaked in an aromatic marinade with rocket will certainly appel to everyone.
Tasty recipe for pork with zucchini.
Favourite delicacy. Serve with chillies, mustard or horseradish. It is recommended to eat the pork leg with bread and drink down with a good cooled beer.
Favorite classic: cabbage sauce with stewed pork. Serve with fresh bread.
Delicious small pork meat is served with potato side dishes or fresh vegetable salads.


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