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Sweet honey cakes with a delicate rum flavor.
Christmas cakes from Linz dough filled with mocca cream.
You don't bake a lot for Christmas? Do you bake one day before Christmas Eve? Then we have a simple recipe of immediately soft honey cakes. Christmas cannot be without honey cakes!
Three-layer, delicate and tasty cakes. Suitable for any festive occasion, especially for the Christmas table.
An easy way to prepare traditional pork scratching pagatsch.
Gluten-free honey cakes with nuts.
Creamy delicate cakes with favourite raspberries, real luxury taste:). Worth to try.
Delicious nutty dessert filled with coffee and caramel cream.
Easy dessert, full of walnuts and chocolate, in the way of traditional Russian cuisine. It is really очень хорошо - very good.
Small Christmascakes from sugar free dough, but in sugar coated.
More then 50 years old original recipe for delicious Egg white fancy cake recommended for celebrations and friendly get-togethers.
Tasty salty cakes with sheep cheese (bryndza) and spring onion filling.
Fantastic crunchy cakes on the edge, full of the tastiest combinations of simple sweet fillings. You will not know when to stop eating it:)
Tasty carnival cakes filled with raspberry jam.
Delicious and easy dessert with walnuts filled with chocolate cream.
Refreshing dessert, that warms your soul and belly :) on chilly autumn Sunday.
Every visit will be happy to try the cabbage cake.
Traditional Christmas cakes, which will become an unforgettable memory for your children as well as they were for me when I was a kid. This recipe exists for more than 50 years.


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