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Easy dessert full of chestnut flavor.
Crispy loaves filled with chestnut cream and whipped cream, flavoured with plain chocolate on top ... what else to add .. .yum yum.
Creamy chestnut cakes for Christmas table.
Delicate, puffy pastries. Tasty variation of traditional Christmas pastry - bear claws.
Crispy cakes with light chestnut cream.
Cake full of flavor.
No bake jelly roll with cooked Parisian cream filling. Cake is just for adults since it contains alcohol.
Unbaked Christmas balls.
Tasty classical - modern recipe for the preparation of delicacy.
Tasty cake with a crunchy almond base, full of whipped cream with pieces of chocolate.
Cake - head of little horse on the green. Detailed procedure of preparation with pictures. Bases - biscuit dough. Filling - caramel-chestnut. Weight of cake cca 5 kg. Total time of cake preparation: baking, cooking, decorating, cooling time - cca 5-6 ...
Proven steps for the preparation of easily peelable chestnuts baked in the oven. The most delicious are warm, so don't wait long after baking!
Merry Christmas cupcakes.

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