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Baked turkey meat from drumsticks with tasty onion. Serve with baked potatoes.
Tasty pieces of turkey meat in curry cream sauce served with pasta.
Delicate and tasty marinated turkey cutlets.
Still wondering what to cook from big turkey legs? Here is one tasty inspiration.
100% homemade turkey ham cooked in ham cooker. From the stated amount of meat, we will have about 700 g of ham.
Favourite grilled turkey cutlets, baked with sweet peach and tasty cheese, in sweet peach-wine sauce. Serve with rice with sauce.
Fine stewed turkey meat with peppers and onions, which create a fine sauce. It tastes delicious with steamed rice.
Recipe for excellent soft turkey leg with leek and coriander.
Gulash from stewed turkey breast with tasty sweet cream, suitable for dumplings, but also for pasta or rice. It is a classic food.
Tasty lunch for saturday. Before serving you can sprinkle the risotto with grated cheese.
Recipe for turkey meat prepared in a steamer. Serve with French fries baked in the oven.
turkey meat in a creamy milk sauce with our favorite and healthy ramsons.
Meat roll from turkey breast filled with a mixture of minced meat and rice.
With this recipe, you can prepare homemade turkey meat filled with fresh chives and cheese.
Light dietary lunch. Serve with mashed potato and vegetable salad.
Tasty lunch or dinner from one baking dish.

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