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Cabbage soup - soup from sauerkraut is served with bread, Christmas cake and to taste you can add sour cream on a plate. It is tasty in winter time such as in hot summer, therefore cook it more often not just for Christmas.
Easy, quick and delicious tomato soup from tomato paste and sterilized tomatoes. You can use fresh tomatoes instead of sterilized, but you need to pour them over with boiling water and peel before cutting them.
Christmas cabbage soup should be weaker and should fulfill the role of any appetizer before Christmas Eve Dinner. Even its cooked amount can tempt you for consumption of the full plate, consider that it is better on the next day when it rests for a ...
Italian style Tomato soup with basil and Parmesan cheese.
Recipe for preparing of traditional white Sour Cream Potato soup. You will manage to cook the soup so easily as my mother, grandmother, great grandmother...
soup full of healthy vegetable. Without salt addition during cooking the soup can be served for children which will definatelly get to like it.
Buttery kohlrabi soup with potatoes and dumplings. Adults like it also when gently salted.
soup full of health.
Simple soup from carrot and pumpkin hokaido with dill and sour cream. It is ideal dish during the autumn pumpkin season.
Excellent homemade tripe soup.
Delicious soup full of healthy vegetables. Without added salt it is great for the smallest ones, too.
Slightly sweet butter soup with spring kohlrabi, carrot, green pees, new potatoes ... Not only kids love it, but also adults do as well.
Delicious chicken soup with meat, vegetables and self-made noodles.
Excellent sheep cheese soup for the whole family.
Tasty thick soup, full of healthy vegetable, which is favoured by children as well as by adults.
Favourite quick soup for children. By tradition, it is suitable especially for nursing mothers, believed to be helpful for milk production. Anyway, mainly that it tastes.
Delicious, a little bit spicy fish soup from pangasius. Easy and quick preparation.
Simple, quick, healthy soup. Serve with knob of butter to soften the taste.
Quick recipe for healthy vegetable soup with smooth dumplings from beaten egg white foam.
Simple tomato soup from homemade tomato puree and chunks of fresh tomatoes. Children like thicker soups so during serving add into the soup small-sized cooked pasta.


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