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Easy sponge cake full of juicy blueberries. Served with tea or coffee.
Juicy summer sponge cake made of popular raspberries.
Tasty sponge cake with black currants.
Recipe for a juicy sponge cake with cream cheese, jam and pudding filling.
Rich and tasty dessert.
Easy no-bake cake from yoghurt and sponge biscuits.
Recipe for the best basic plain sponge cake.
Delicate dessert from coconut sponge pastry, cocoa cream, sponge biscuits, decorated with whipped cream custard.
Favorite juicy sponge cake, this time with peaches.
We offer you another recipe for favorite liqueur dessert from our kitchen. sponge cake base with eggnog, smooth chocolate-liqueur filling and loving whipped cream, you will certainly love it.
A juicy cake, the success lies not only in taste, but also in extremely easy preparation. When cooking, we used a mug with a volume of 200 ml and a baking sheet 22x32 cm.
An excellent dessert with soft sponge-biscuits filled with strawberry mixture, soft custard pudding and whipped cream. Ideal for special occasions.
Strawberry classic.
We bring you traditional recipe for coconut balls, which has two variations. Use leftovers of the cakes when you are baking or prepare them from the crushed sponge finger biscuits.
Easy and delicious roll from sponge cake.


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