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French apple cake ideally suits bleak autumn afternoon during the coffee break.
Ultra quick autumn apple cake from crunchy dough for sweetening of working afternoon.
Delicate, tasty, apple pie.
Recipe for a quite easy cake from cream cheese dough with apple filling.
Recipe for a simple apple pie made of yeast dough with almond flakes.
Autumn cake, full of tasty apple filling with a rich layer of whipped cream. That's how we like it :)
Tasty apple cake.
Tasty apple filling with pudding on a delicate butter dough = great apple pie.
Seasonal apple cake.
Tasty apple and zucchini cake will taste to everyone.
apple pie almost as a dessert. It is recommended to pour sour fruit juice over the apple pie.
Recipe for healthy apple cookies, full of energy.
A simple dessert from favorite biscuits, full of tasty and light apple-almond filling, decorated on top with whipped cream :)
Seb ka raita - apple salad with spices and yoghurt. Despite the spices, you don't feel the spicy taste in this sweet salad. The salad is served with various dishes in Indian cuisine, it complete and balance tastes.
Recipe for a favorite apple-cream cheese strudel from puff pastry enriched with dry plums.
Thicker apple pancakes are served unfilled. They are filling and taste delicious lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar or spreaded with apricot jam.
Excellent cake of nice buttery taste full of juicy apples. A portion will be definitely not enough for you :)
Tasty autumn slices from favorite apples.
Creamcurd-pudding filling, juicy cinnamon apples on it ... yummy :)
Tasty bread pudding made from whole wheat bread, full of healthy apples and with a large layer of baked egg white snow.

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