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This is one way how to cook chicken in the steam cooker. chicken is crispy and very juicy due to the main part of the preparation in steam cooker. Serve warm with side dishes or just with buns and rolls and sterilized cucumber.
Stuffed chicken rolls with a light, delicate, milky sauce.
Tasty creamed cole with chicken chunks in tender sauce. Serve with fried egg and fresh bread.
Tasty juicy chicken legs served with the braised sauerkraut and yeast dumpling.
Delicious chicken meat flavored with marinade, baken with potatoes and onion.
Excellent roulade from boneless chicken stuffed with meat filling. Serve hot with mash potato. It is tasty also cold with bread rolls.
Juicy chicken breasts in puffy garlic batter, fried to crispiness.
Juicy chicken breasts stuffed with simple filling from cheese and ham, prepared either on the grill outside or at home on a grill pan.
Recipe for preparation of chicken meat with rich filling from pumpkin and cashew nuts.
Quick and juicy chicken breasts
Recipe for roasted chicken legs and traditional stuffing, either to stuff the chicken or to bake separately.
Preparation of roast chicken with side dish in one pot.
Recipe for prep of tasty roulade from boneless chicken, suitable for festive events. Recipe is more difficult because of boning of chicken, we are crossing our fingers for all beginners.
Tasty chicken meat in soft cream sauce with asian vegetable mixture.
Very tasty chicken meat in cheese sauce served with rice mixed with sweet corn.
Easy recipe for juicy chicken breasts with delicate garlic flavor, baken with cheese.
Classic chicken schnitzels are served with mash potato, potato salad, rise.... or just with bread and gherkin.
Recipe for preparation of potato dumplings, oven-baked with chicken meat and vegetable.
chicken breasts in oyster mushroom sauce will enthuse even the pickiest visitors.
Simple and also tasty recipe for wheat pancakes with chicken meat and dressing.


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