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Delicious chicken meat flavored with marinade, baken with potatoes and onion.
Tasty smoked chicken meal on healthy peas.
One of many ways to bake the chicken.
Excellent roulade from boneless chicken stuffed with meat filling. Serve hot with mash potato. It is tasty also cold with bread rolls.
Quick and juicy chicken breasts
Tasty chicken thighs in reverse butter triple coat. Served with mashed potatoes.
Recipe for prep of tasty roulade from boneless chicken, suitable for festive events. Recipe is more difficult because of boning of chicken, we are crossing our fingers for all beginners.
chicken breasts in oyster mushroom sauce will enthuse even the pickiest visitors.
Juicy chicken breasts stuffed with simple filling from cheese and ham, prepared either on the grill outside or at home on a grill pan.
Homemade baked pate from chicken livers. Serve the pate as a cold meal. The most tasty is with fresh bread rolls or bread.
Easy recipe for juicy chicken breasts with delicate garlic flavor, baken with cheese.
Traditional tasty roasted chicken thighs with mashed potatoes.
To be modest, three portions of a real chicken delicacy :)
Recipe for roasted chicken legs and traditional stuffing, either to stuff the chicken or to bake separately.
Recipe for preparation of potato dumplings, oven-baked with chicken meat and vegetable.
Light dietetic chicken meal, suitable not just for people who mind their look in the mirror :) Serve with dollop of rise and with heap of vegetable salad.
Simple and also tasty recipe for wheat pancakes with chicken meat and dressing.
Delicate and juicy chicken schnitzels coated in fluffy potato batter. Serve with favorite roasted or crude vegetables.
Tasty chicken meat in soft cream sauce with asian vegetable mixture.


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