Canapé recipe

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Delicious canapé that will not disappoint any gourmand.
Delicious starter and canapé. Served on a dessert plate and consumed using cutlery.
Salty canapé guaranteed to disappear in a minute on every celebration.
Tasty spread from tuna canned in its own juice. Great spread for bread and pastries, for breakfast and dinner or as canape or starter.
Easy and quick recipe for preparation of chocolate goody with sponge biscuits.
Tasty salty canapé to wine.
Delicious salty cookies with delicate flavor of walnuts, spicy cheese and sweet pear.
Tasty mini cakes.
Tasty spread that is most delicious with fresh wholemeal bread, but also with a crunchy white croissant. Also suitable for canapés.
Tasty small canapes are a suitable traditional feast for any celebration.

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