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Light sour cream and cocoa dessert with fruits and sponge biscuits.
Recipe for filled cream cheese dumplings prepared in the steamer.
Simple soup from carrot and pumpkin hokaido with dill and sour cream. It is ideal dish during the autumn pumpkin season.
Really great classic recipe, tenderloin on cream, as our father used to cook it for us fifty years ago.
Quick and easy to prepare recipe for delicate chicken meat with cream and cheese. Matches with rice, potatoes prepared in different ways and vegetables.
Homemade ice cream made of quality ingrediences, simply prepared without ice cream machine, financially attractrive. Served in ice cream glasses, bowls, or in ice cream caps. According to taste, you can pour melted chocolate over.
Delicious and pretty juicy cake with rich cream cheese filling.
Cake from soft buttery dough with cream cheese - poppy seed filling.
Light and refreshing dessert with fragile pastry, sweet cream cheese and peaches.
Recipe for delicate scrambled eggs on butter with sour cream.
Fantastic "tenderloin" on cream from the chicken meat.
Delicate oyster mushroom soup with potatoes and sour cream.
Recipe for sweet puff stack from puff pastry filled with cream of cream cheese, mascarpone and strawberries.
Recipe for homemade rolled dumplings from potato dough, sprinkled with sweet cream cheese.
Recipe for a favorite apple-cream cheese strudel from puff pastry enriched with dry plums.
Recipe for preparation of favorite pancakes baken with cream, which we loved since we were kids.
Easy, quite quick heart-shaped tart with the refreshing flavour of the smooth cream cheese. It is ready-to-eat within two hours and can be served on the celebration table.
Recipe for famous cheesecake made special by fruit whipped cream. Cheesecake is prepared in a small tart form with diameter 20 cm, for more people we recommend to use bigger form and duplicate volumes of ingredients.
Excellent dessert with vanilla cream and whipped cream with mascarpone.
Delicious cupcakes from vanilla pastry, decorated with cream from mascarpone and pieces of fresh strawberries.


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