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Delicious cream cheese filling refreshed by lemon in cocoa cake base and we have an excellent simple cake.
Fresh and moist cake from crispy marble biscuit with raspberry custard and topping of sour cream. For preparation of cake you can use custard of any flavour according to your taste.
Delicious and pretty juicy cake with rich cream cheese filling.
Popular Bolero slices with sweet Parisian cream, full of cherries and cream curd.
Excellent dessert with vanilla cream and whipped cream with mascarpone.
Three-colored cream waves on smooth cocoa cake base. Dessert that will not disappoint even the most choosy ones.
Creamy slices with pudding-butter-cream curd-cream with tasty, fresh, sweet apricots.
Light and refreshing dessert with fragile pastry, sweet cream cheese and peaches.
Quick and easy to prepare recipe for delicate chicken meat with cream and cheese. Matches with rice, potatoes prepared in different ways and vegetables.
Cake from soft buttery dough with cream cheese - poppy seed filling.
Simple soup from carrot and pumpkin hokaido with dill and sour cream. It is ideal dish during the autumn pumpkin season.
Recipe for sweet puff stack from puff pastry filled with cream of cream cheese, mascarpone and strawberries.
Quick and refreshing dessert from smooth curd and sour cream, complemented with fruit selected to your taste and seasonality.
Augsburg slices are a tasty dessert of all cake lovers. Tasty cream curd filling in a crispy butter dough, all topped with chocolate icing = a guarantee of quality delicacies :) Double the ingredients for a large baking sheet!
Recipe for preparation of favorite pancakes baken with cream, which we loved since we were kids.
Leavened cakes with cream cheese filling and apple compote.

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