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Recipe for the prep of excellent stuffed eggs with ham and horseradish filling, perfect as an Easter treat or for any of family celebration.
Recipe for delicate scrambled eggs on butter with sour cream.
Old good cholesterol classic meal :) Serve with fresh white soft bread :)
Take a walk in the forest in autumn early in the morning and then prepare tasty breakfast.
Easter delicacy for big whippers.
Variable breakfast delicacy great for dinner, too. It can vary based on the used type of smoked meat products.
Carbonara is a traditional Italian pasta with bacon, Pecorino cheese and eggs. Spaghetti is the best pasta choice.
Tasty scrambled eggs with zucchini for light, summer dinner.
Juicy creamy dish made of zucchini, perfect with boiled eggs.
Mexican way of preparing traditional Spanish recipe for Churros, enriched with eggs. Churros are served with melted chocolate. For larger family it is recommended to duplicate the amounts.
Tasty lunch from potatoes, sauerkraut, bacon and eggs, favourite mainly during the winter time.
Delicious potato salad without eggs.
Baked rolls from minced pork, they are soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside, stuffed with boiled eggs.
Recipe for tasty, juicy and nutritious vegan scramble - without eggs.


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