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Unbelievably easy preparation of meatloaf in the home bakery.
WorldInMe.net - hundreds of verified and processed fairly recipes for baking cakes, cooking and preserving food for home cooks.
Recipe for making delicious thin potato "tortillas". It can be served as a side dish to roasted duck or goose, or it filled with salty (duck liver) or sweet (poppy, nuts...) filling. The preparation is simple, but the flour will be everywhere in the ...
Delicious French Onion Pie.
delicious, home-made, tender, tasty, luscious, heavenly...simply a punch cake.
Potato „gnocchi“ with a cheese sauce and cream. You can buy gnocchi and cook them in a few minutes in a water, or prepare home-made following our recipe which can be found on this page.
Recipe for making fantastic creamy home made egg milk punch.
Traditional delicacy of our great grandmothers. This rich meal was part of menu mainly during winter time when potatoes and onion were stored in cellar, sauerkraut in wood, in a larder piece of good bacon from home slaughtering.
Juicy chicken breasts stuffed with simple filling from cheese and ham, prepared either on the grill outside or at home on a grill pan.
home noodles with curd, sugar and topped with melted butter...the right classic.
It does not matter under what name you know it, but what matters is if you like them! And you are not afraid to tuck up your sleeves and prepare this meal. home- made are the best!
A delicious dessert from Hungarian cuisine prepared according to the traditional recipe. Time-consuming preparation brings this culinary specialty only to the most exclusive restaurants. It is really worth to prepare this famous delicacy at home.
home-made is the best. Eat it for breakfast through the year and with a cabbage soup on Christmas. Also known as Challah bread.
One kilogram of the best home made pork head cheese with guaranteed high quality ingredients.
Popular filled lokše with liver.
Simple and also tasty recipe for wheat pancakes with chicken meat and dressing.
Classic lard is irreplaceable ingredient of many dishes. Its homemade preparation - melting of bacon for rendering - is simple procedure which results in clear, high-grade products - lard and greaves.
Delicious butter biscuits with chocolate icing.
Healthy and tasty delicacy from Far East prepared in our kitchen tastes as good as in sushi-bar.
How to prepare simple 600 grams dumpling in a steamer


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