Homemade Lard and Greaves

Homemade Lard and Greaves

Classic lard is irreplaceable ingredient of many dishes. Its homemade preparation - melting of bacon for rendering - is simple procedure which results in clear, high-grade products - lard and greaves.

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No. of servings

Ready in

1 h. 20 min.






pork bacon for rendering0lb2
whole milk 3.5%1tbsp1tablespoon



1. Lard

pork bacon for rendering

Wash the bacon intended for rendering and cut into the cubes of 2x2 cm in size. Put in a saucepan and stirring occasionally melt over the medium flame.


During melting gradually remove with laddle produced fluid - lard...


... and through the sieve pour into the prepared clean pots, the best glass or enamel ones. Bacon caught on the sieve is placed back into the saucepan.


Let the filled pots cool down, place in a fridge and let it harden. From mentioned quantity of bacon you get about 1300 g lard. So prepared lard is kept in a fridge and can be used for several months.

5. Greaves

whole milk 3.5% 1 tbsp  salt 1 tsp

After removing of the lard, greaves remain in a saucepan. These are fried (30 seconds) over the high flame stirring constantly with addition of 1tbsp milk. After removing from the flame, add salt and blend it.


From mentioned quantity of bacon you get about 450 g greaves. You can use it for preparation of pork rind biscuits, greaves spread or eat directly with the bread.

Bon appetit!

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