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With this recipe you will prepare a delicious dessert with cherries, cream and mascarpone.
Favourite recipe for sour cherry Danube waves cake with cream and chocolate topping.
Recipe for excellent soft turkey leg with leek and coriander.
Great punch not just for Christmas or New Year's Eve. Prepare it at any time during the winter months, it will warm you up.
Traditional recipe for the best strudel, as our grandmother learned it from her grandmother. Ingredients for the dough are suitable for two strudels from a kilo of flour. You can make poppyseed one and other cream cheese or apple one.
Quick version of the classic dessert made of soft puff pastry.
Traditional recipe for bubbly cake from soft, fluffy dough.
Recipe for the preparation of a quick cake from cherries over the custard from sour cream.
Refreshing summer cake full of juicy cherries.
Crispy poppy seed cookies with tasty rum and sour cherry jam.
An interesting recipe for eggs in a pepper belt. You can easily prepare an effective and filling breakfast. We recommend serving with spring onions and sweet cherry tomatoes.
Fresh summer pasta salad, perfect alternative to a warm lunch.


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