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Something salty a bite to eat.
Easy recipe for preparing a quick and cheap dinner that make every guy. Serve with bread or pastries.
A thick soup full of healthy legumes and not so healthy sausages :)
Popular creamed sauce from white bean. Serve with crunchy roasted pork sausages and bread.
Easy snack soup, due to the use of sterilised beans very quick preparation.
A favorite dish from Czech cold cuisine. Serve with bread and a glass of well-cooled beer.
Thick winter soup that warms and fills up. Who can't be without meat, feel free to add sliced roasted sausage :)
The sweet and sour, milk-cream bean side dish is very tasty when served with meatloaf, sausage or fried egg. Serve with fresh, soft bread. When preparing 4 portions, use half the amount of ingredients.
During the weekend there is more time to prepare a more exacting recipe for breakfast. Eggs with onion, sausage and mushrooms are one option.
Traditional sauerkraut soup with meat, dried plums and spicy sausage, which gives the soup a typical flavour.
Tasty and not really expensive meal from cabbage and pork sausages, the homemade steamed dumpling is a great side dish.
Rich soup from sauerkraut, lentils, meat and sausages.

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