Roasted Duck with Honey and Grape Sauce

Roasted Duck with Honey and Grape Sauce


Delicious tender duck - simple recipe from old times. Serve with mentioned grape sauce and potato pancakes, or with favourite braised cabbage and yeast dumplings.

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1. Duck roasting

duck  salt

Let the frozen duck defrost in the fridge during the day. Wash the thawed or fresh duck well, salt from outside and inside and let it stand in fridge overnight. Start to roast it on the next day after curing maximum 3 hours before serving.

Duck roasting


salt 2 tsp  water ¾ cup (200 ml)  honey  1 tbsp

Rewash the duck well directly before roasting. Place into the deep roasting dish, salt the surface again, pour in a water and close the roasting dish well. Roast over the medium heat for 60 minutes. After an hour turn the duck, brush with tbs honey and roast further covered - for 30 minutes.


honey  1 tbsp  whole milk 3.5% 3.25 tbsp (50 ml)

After lapse term turn it again, brush with honey again, cover and roast for further 30 minutes. After two hours the duck is almost done. At this time, uncover it, brush with milk and roast uncovered over the higher heat in the oven for 15 minutes. Turn it again, brush with milk other side and roast for 15 minutes on other side.


Grape sauce in a medieval way recipe

Remove the roasted duck from the oven, cut with poultry shears and serve as soon as possible. Freshly roasted is most tasty.

Bon appetit!


Grape sauce in a medieval way recipe-
honey 2tbsp2tablespoon
whole milk 3.5%3.25tbsp50milliliters


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