Christmas roast duck

Christmas roast duck


Smooth, butter and honey duck for holiday table. Served with potato salad.


No. of servings


Ready in

3 h.





1. Preparation

duck 5.5 lb (2500 g)  salt

We leave the frozen duck to defrost in the fridge. We wash it later, rub salt, pepper, and paprika inside and also into the skin of a duck and allow to rest in the fridge during night. We start to cook on the other day after rubing salt, 3 hours before serving. Fresh cooked duck tastes the best.


2. Roasting

salt  unsalted butter 5.25 oz (150 g)  honey  1 oz (30 g)

Before roasting again wash the salted duck well. Place it into deep baking tin, again season with salt the outside, put butter all over it, cover the baking tin and roast slowly for about 2,5 hours (170-355°F (180°C)). During roasting turn the duck over about 2 times. Brush the roast duck with honey mixed with gravy, turn the heat on and roast on both sides until the skin becomes crispy, for about 15 minutes.


Bon appetit!

honey 1oz30grams
unsalted butter5.25oz150grams


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