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Recipe for a very fine, refreshing and tasty dessert made of nuts and limes. The preparation is easy and will please the taste buds of not only vegans and vegetarians.
Tasty stuffed pumpkin without meat. Serve with a potato side dish.
Favourite puffed rice balls without milk and butter and yet delicious as those with butter and condensed sweet milk ... and maybe better. Yummy!
Vegan, fried, cabbage "meatballs" not only in Indian cuisine popular. Serve with rice, potatoes, sauces or salads.
Tasty baked cabbage is a suitable side dish to roast meat. It is also a tasty vegan dish. You will definitely like it!
Recipe for tasty, juicy and nutritious vegan scramble - without eggs.
More colorful version of beans and onion with sweet carrot in reduced tomato sauce.
A recipe of Szeged goulash with tempeh as a great meat substitute - nutritional and delicious.
Simply prepared sweet confectionery for vegans, but also for each of us.
Delicate creamy tart with no butter, sugar and flour. It is only full of healthy energy.
Do you feel tired or cold coming on? Try a glass full of vitamins that will boost your immune system.
Tasty balls full of vitamins and minerals. Very suitable for a healthy Christmas sweets eating.
Healthy breakfast, full of energy for the whole morning :) without sugar.
Delicious and more nutritionally valuable potato side dish in an oriental way.

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