Head cheese

Head cheese


One kilogram of the best home made pork head cheese with guaranteed high quality ingredients.


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1. Preparation and cooking

pork trotters 1.8 lb (800 g)  pork tongue 14 oz (400 g)  pork shoulder 1.8 lb (800 g)  onion 1 pc  garlic 5 cloves  whole black pepper 1 tsp  water

Rinse well two trotters and remove possible hairy parts. Rinse also tongue and meat. Peel onion and garlic. Put all the ingredients in a pan, pour water in so that meat is covered, add salt and pepper. Slowly cook everything in the pan together for 1,5 hour.

Preparation and cooking


Remove meat and tongue after 1,5 hour and continue cooking trotters until they start to crumble - approx. 1 hour.

3. Pork tongue

When the tongue cools a bit, peel off the skin, remove possible little bones and very soft parts from the tongue root and below the tongue.

Pork tongue


Then cut the tongue into thicker slices - around two centimeters thick.

5. Pork

Cut also cool pork into thicker slices. Put tongue and pork into a pan, cover them to avoid drying off while we prepare trotter paste.


6. Trotter paste

Remove cooked trotters from broth, let them cool and disjoin them. Remove all the little bones and cartilages.

Trotter paste


garlic 10 cloves

Put cooked parts of trotters together with garlic into the kitchen meet chopper and chop until it becomes a mash, or we can grind it in a meat grinder.

8. Head cheese

salt 0.5 tsp  ground black pepper 1 tsp

Add trotter paste to the sliced meat, season with salt, pepper and stir well.

Head cheese


Add three small ladles of broth and stir again. We can still season it with salt to our taste or need.


Put bag for a head cheese into ham cooker and put head cheese mixture in.


Close the bag and apply pressure piston (part of the ham cooker) to compress the head cheese. If we do not have the ham cooker, we can squash the mixture in the head cheese bag, close the bag and place it loaded in the refrigerator. Let it stiffen 12 hours in the fridge.


Take solid head cheese out and remove the bag.


Slice the head cheese and serve with bread and mustard. It is delicious with onion in vinegar.

14. Vinegar onion

onion  water  vinegar  salt

Peel an onion, slice it and put in a bowl. Pour water into half of the onion and add vinegar and salt to your taste. Stir.

Vinegar onion

Bon appetit!

ground black pepper1tsp1teaspoon
pork shoulder1.8lb800grams
pork tongue14oz400grams
pork trotters1.8lb800grams
whole black pepper1tsp1teaspoon


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