Pork with mushrooms

Pork with mushrooms


Recipe for braised pork meat on fresh mushrooms. Matching side dish with this meal is rice, tarhona (Slovak type of pasta shaped into small balls) or mashed potatoes.

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60 min.




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pork loin 15.75 oz (450 g)  salt  ground black pepper  ground red paprika  whole Mustard

Slice pork tenderloin into thin cutlets. Season them with salt, ground black pepper, sprinkle with ground red pepper and spread with whole mustard.


Saute the cutlets in a little oil on both sides.


onion 1 pc  mushrooms 10 oz (280 g)  bacon strips 3.5 oz (100 g)

Cook in the pan finely chopped bacon, add finely chopped onion. When the onion becomes glassy, add field agarics cut into thin slices and cook for a while.


crushed cumin 1 pinch  water  allspice  all-purpose flour / plain flour 3 tbsp

Then add it to the sauteed meat. Pour the meat over with water so that it is fully covered, add crushed cumin and braise covered until the meat becomes tender. Just before it is finished, thicken the sauce with flour mixed with cold water and cook for the next 10 minutes.

Bon appetit!


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