Home-made is the best. Eat it for breakfast through the year and with a cabbage soup on Christmas. Also known as Challah bread.
Well prepared pork thigh stuffed with bacon, egg and cabbage with sauce.
Easy recipe to make delicious roast meat with garlic flavor. Best served with potatoes or dumpling with braised cabbage.
Delicious, delicate and juicy chicken rolls, stuffed with bacon, dried plums and sauerkraut.
Traditional summer vegetable salad of early cabbage, young carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and young onions, in a sweet-sour pickle. The salad is suitable for many meat dishes.
Bobáľky... a traditional Slovak Christmas dish. They are often served with poppy seeds, nuts, cream curd ... but they are delicous also wih bryndza cheese or cabbage. Their name and the way, how you serve them vary by region. From this amount you ...
8 liter pot of the finest cabbage soup, 18 servings for the whole big family or friends. Serve with fresh bread and with a scoop of sour cream per serving.


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