Crispy cakes with light chestnut cream.
We bring you traditional recipe for coconut balls, which has two variations. Use leftovers of the cakes when you are baking or prepare them from the crushed sponge finger biscuits.
Creamy Christmas cakes.
Those mini sweet cakes impress by taste and look as well.
Great Christmas cocoa - coconut cakes.
Leavened cakes with cream cheese filling and apple compote.
Crunchy cakes for Christmas time.
Tasty mini cakes.
Cakes from puff pastry stuffed with sweet fillings.
Healthy delicacy. No bake sticks, full of vitamins from healthy ingredients.
Gluten-free Christmas cakes with jam.
Tasty balls full of vitamins and minerals. Very suitable for a healthy Christmas sweets eating.
Soft honey cakes with cocoa flavor. Honey cakes are tasty without icing, of course they are more beautifully decorated with white icing.
Cakes, that will be eaten very quicklly.
Healthy delicacy. You can eat baked pumpkin directly after baking and peeling it. It's usually quite sweet, but you can sweeten it. Except direct consumption, we prepare delicious sweet cakes from pumpkin.
Tasty homemade "nutella" for children for breakfast. Serve spread on rolls, fresh bread or braided sweet bread. You can also use it to prepare cakes or desserts.
Delicious cakes with tasty sour rhubarb.
Tasty pancakes made of healthier flour.
Easy and fast prepared tasty cakes.
Creamy mascarpone and peanut butter cakes.


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