Charged with vitamins, suited to the chicken and beef meat. You may get a low-fat version when removing bacon and cheese with pressed garlic.
Favourite pancakes stuffed with tasty hot liver.
Delicious easy pancakes high in fiber due to added rolled oats. Serve with fresh vegetable salad and tartar sauce.
Serve the warm sauce with roasted or grilled fish or meat.
Puree is served with different types of meat. It has an interesting color, so children like it, too.
Tasty milk soup that gives you energy in chilly autumn and winter days.
Classic homemade dumplings with the onion as a side dish for the main course.
Meal where you can use smoked meat left from holidays.
Dip - sauce from lentils and potatoes.
Thick milk soup with a delicate carrot taste.
Delicious crispy pancakes.
A tasty sauce that can be consumed without a side dish. If it would be not enough, you can add fried egg, meatballs, or bread :)
Very tasty spring pancakes from new potatoes and great ramsons.
Aloo Baingan masala is a popular Indian dish full of vegetables and typical spices. We offer one of the basic recipes, which has due to the size of the country from which it comes, many variations.
A soft and sweet cake with raisins that will taste to everyone.
Enjoy this light and healthy lunch or dinner. Without the addition of spices and salt, the dish is also suitable for children.


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