Refreshing summer cake, lightly flavoured with sour cream and with fresh strawberries.
Delicious cupcakes from vanilla pastry, decorated with cream from mascarpone and pieces of fresh strawberries.
Refreshing summer tart from the seasonal fruit.
Recipe for the smooth sweet mud-pie with pieces of chocolate.
Easy recipe for meringue-based delicious cake named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It has crisp crust and soft and light inside.
... and it will disappear so fast :)
Easy cake from wheat biscuits for children with rich filling of various flavors.
Favourite pancakes stuffed with tasty hot liver.
Healthy delicacy of Christmas time.
It is not easy to prepare cake similar to the original Sacher Torte, but you will not recognize this one from the original.
Recipe for healthy apple cookies, full of energy.
Delicious potato pancakes with filling from sauerkraut and filling from meat.
Delicious easy pancakes high in fiber due to added rolled oats. Serve with fresh vegetable salad and tartar sauce.
Summer cake for celebrations from seasonal fruit.
Non-baked roulade without sugar.
Delicate, bright, tasty dessert.
Easy, quite quick heart-shaped tart with the refreshing flavour of the smooth cream cheese. It is ready-to-eat within two hours and can be served on the celebration table.
Recipe for very tasty pancakes that will melt in your mouth.
Tasty, baked celery pancakes. The aromatic scent of celery is lost during preparation and this pancakes will become a popular delicacy even for children who do not like celery :)


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