Traditional favourite cake which is based on sponge-biscuits. There are many recipes for Malakov (Malakoff) cake and we offer you one of the best.
Simple cake for beginners from biscuit dough, baked without confectionery tools :)
Crunchy cake with delicious filling and occasional decorating.
Tart full of walnuts not only for Valentines day.
Easy no-bake cake from yoghurt and sponge biscuits.
Cake - head of little horse on the green. Detailed procedure of preparation with pictures. Bases - biscuit dough. Filling - caramel-chestnut. Weight of cake cca 5 kg. Total time of cake preparation: baking, cooking, decorating, cooling time - cca 5-6 ...
Healthy dessert filled with bananas.
Delicious cake with delicate cream full of bananas in caramel and favorite whipped cream.
Recipe for preparation of favorite pancakes baken with cream, which we loved since we were kids.
Two-colored delicate bundt cake with various flavours.
Surprise your darling on Valentine's day by baking this easy and delicious vanilla and strawberry cake. It is easy even for beginners. :-)
Delicate creamy tart with no butter, sugar and flour. It is only full of healthy energy.
Fantastic honey cake full of fantastic caramel cream with walnuts. Recipe is inspired by a favourite Armenian cake Marlenka and effort and patience expended for its preparation is definitely worthwhile. Cake is suitable dessert for festive Christmas ...
Refreshing summer cake full of juicy cherries.
Recipe for an easy, delicious bundt cake.
Rich and a tasty bundt cake for many gluttons.
Excellent bundt cake that can be served as dessert at any celebration.
Delicious and easy bundt cake from spelt flour, with molasses and cane sugar, baked in one step with banana cream cheese filling.
Fantastic mascarpone cream cake full of sweet bananas. Creating a cheesboard pattern may seem complicated, but in fact it is very simple. All you have to do is to follow our steps, which are written down into a number of simple steps.
A simple, soft and tasty cake for everyone.


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