Recipe for prep of tasty roulade from boneless chicken, suitable for festive events. Recipe is more difficult because of boning of chicken, we are crossing our fingers for all beginners.
Simple backed dessert with fantastic cream.
Delicious salad, great as a side dish to the meat. As a separate meal, without adding tartar sauce, can be a healthy dinner for all the dieters.
Recipe for roasted chicken legs and traditional stuffing, either to stuff the chicken or to bake separately.
Cake - head of little horse on the green. Detailed procedure of preparation with pictures. Bases - biscuit dough. Filling - caramel-chestnut. Weight of cake cca 5 kg. Total time of cake preparation: baking, cooking, decorating, cooling time - cca 5-6 ...
For this soup, you will need only stalks of the mushroom. You can use caps for some other meal from these delicious mushrooms.
Delicious crispy dinner.
Tasty vegetarian lunch or dinner. Serve it with some potatoes side dish.
Easy recipe for meringue-based delicious cake named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It has crisp crust and soft and light inside.
Favourite Coleslaw salad, prepared from tasty crunchy young cabbage, with a great taste of Cheddar cheese. It is the best side dish to grilled turkey fillets.
Stuffed cabbage rolls are delicious full lunch. Baked with cheese coating are specially tasty.
Tasty thick soup, full of healthy vegetable, which is favoured by children as well as by adults.
Favourite thick milk bean soup. Serve with butter which greatly softens the taste.
Serve with a straw and a slice of fresh pineapple.
Fast, simple, meatless lunch. Serve with dumplings.
Tasty pancakes baked without unnecessary fat in the ActiFry 2in1 fryer. Serve with baked potatoes, also prepared in this fryer.
Favourite grilled turkey cutlets, baked with sweet peach and tasty cheese, in sweet peach-wine sauce. Serve with rice with sauce.
Thick summer bean soup.


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