We bring you traditional recipe for coconut balls, which has two variations. Use leftovers of the cakes when you are baking or prepare them from the crushed sponge finger biscuits.
Easy and quick recipe for preparation of chocolate goody with sponge biscuits.
Easy and delicious roll from sponge cake.
Easy and quick recipe for refreshing fruit cake with sponge biscuits, curd cheese and sour cream. In hot summer days,it is not just a sight for sore eyes but also for our bodies.
Excellent bundt cake that can be served as dessert at any celebration.
Stormy pudding waves in a sponge cake, with creamy foam :) The preparation of the dessert is simple and if you think eight servings are not enough, we recommend to double the dose and to use a baking sheet of larger size.
Tasty, unbaked confection for the Christmas table.
A really delicious dessert from the mascarpone in a soft cocoa sponge cake. It is so simple that nothing can go wrong with its preparation and even a beginner can make it, just follow the exact steps :)


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