Simple kremrole from puff pastry stuffed with boiled egg whites foam filling.
Recipe for tasty, juicy and nutritious vegan scramble - without eggs.
You can prepare a smooth and delicious sauce with dill and sour cream according to this recipe. You can add egg or tofu on top of it.
Favorite classic salad made of scalded cabbage with sweet and sour marinade. Serve with roasted and braised meat.
Time-proven recipe for preparation of delicate tofu in excellent sweet and sour tomato sauce.
Excellent roast duck with tasty and juicy filling from duck liver.
A refreshing drink of freedom. Serve with slices of chemically untreated lime.
Delicate fruit and chocolate cake
Tasty cake full of nuts and curd cheese. You can enjoy it both in winter and in summer!
Sweet, crunchy, walnut cakes with whipped egg whites. A recipe inspired by popular walnut bars, but with much easier preparation.
Sweet Christmas cookies.
Small crunchy cookies with walnut egg whites snow, favorite delicacy for your holiday table.
Delicate crunchy wheels that can't be missing on your Christmas table.
Recipe for tofu with beans in tomato sauce with Indian spices. Serve with rice, fresh vegetables, or separately.
Khichadi is the basis of Indian cuisine. In Ayurveda, it is the main healing, balancing and detoxifying dish. It has very beneficial effects on the digestive organs. It is based on spices, Basmati rice, Mungo beans (or lentils) and vegetables.
Delicious vegan sauce inspired by Bologna cuisine.
Tofu marinated in a easy preepared marinade, roasted on a grill pan with carrots, mushrooms, bamboo sprouts and rice noodles.


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