Excellent classic recipe of Hungarian cuisine. Serve with steamed dumpling.
Rich farmer soup from lentils, barley groats, sauerkraut and smoked meat.
Traditional autumn and winter food of Slavs. Healthy and tasty. The recipe contains no spices, i tis not a typographical error :)
Dumplings from potato dough prepared with sauerkraut and fried bacon.
Traditional delicacy of our great grandmothers. This rich meal was part of menu mainly during winter time when potatoes and onion were stored in cellar, sauerkraut in wood, in a larder piece of good bacon from home slaughtering.
Traditional Czech meal, pork thigh with sauerkraut and dumpling.
Healthy vegetable salad full of vitamins and energy. Great as a starter, salad to the meals from meat, delicious as a separate dish.
Delicious potato pancakes with filling from sauerkraut and filling from meat.
Tasty side dish to roasted poultry served with dumpling.
One of many ways to bake the chicken.
Serve it with braised cabbage and steamed dumpling poured over with duck gravy.
Delicious tender duck - simple recipe from old times. Serve with mentioned grape sauce and potato pancakes, or with favourite braised cabbage and yeast dumplings.
An easy, tasty and cheap recipe for pasta baked with smoked meat and sauerkraut.
Meal where you can use smoked meat left from holidays.
Delicious creamy sauce from sauerkraut with potatoes. Serve with meatballs or meatloaf.
A recipe of Szeged goulash with tempeh as a great meat substitute - nutritional and delicious.
Great recipe for a thick meat and vegetable soup from Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian ... cuisine. Although the preparation seems complicated in three pots, it is actually simple. Just follow the steps given in the recipe and it will be really yummy :)
A salty winter cake that tastes special.
Vegetarian Szeged goulash with tofu. Serve classically: with steamed dumplings.
A simple, tasty diet dish full of vitamins.


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