Traditional and easy recipe for plum balls in breadcrumb.
Traditional recipe for bubbly cake from soft, fluffy dough.
Dumplings from potato dough prepared with sauerkraut and fried bacon.
Traditional delicacy of our great grandmothers. This rich meal was part of menu mainly during winter time when potatoes and onion were stored in cellar, sauerkraut in wood, in a larder piece of good bacon from home slaughtering.
Favorite cake from raised yoghurt dough, every child and adult will enjoy it.
Old great classic soup.
Original recipe for this ancient soup mentiones the preparation in kettle placed over the fire and baking potatoes in hot embers. We offer you easy preparation of this tasty and healthy soup in the modern cousin.
Recipe for homemade rolled dumplings from potato dough, sprinkled with sweet cream cheese.
Tasty and not really expensive meal from cabbage and pork sausages, the homemade steamed dumpling is a great side dish.
Juicy creamy dish made of zucchini, perfect with boiled eggs.
Recipe for tasty and easy lokshe.
Recipe for making delicious thin potato "tortillas". It can be served as a side dish to roasted duck or goose, or it filled with salty (duck liver) or sweet (poppy, nuts...) filling. The preparation is simple, but the flour will be everywhere in the ...
Milk soup of green beans with potatoes. Season the soup with vinegar or lemon juice.
A traditional symbol of Easter, which will please not only your taste buds.
Traditional "blown" mashed potatoes. Serve as a separate dish with fried onions, or as a side dish.
Sausages with onion, vegetables and potatoes.
The sweet and sour, milk-cream bean side dish is very tasty when served with meatloaf, sausage or fried egg. Serve with fresh, soft bread. When preparing 4 portions, use half the amount of ingredients.
Grandma's apricot balls from cream curd dough are quickly and easily prepared. Even a beginner can make the recipe with detailed steps.
Popular potato dumplings filled with smoked meat, served with fried onions and sauerkraut.


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