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Spätzle are actually dumplings (halusky) that we find in the menus of German-speaking nations. They are not only very popular as a side dish to meat with sauce, but also as a separate dish when mixed with cheese, bacon and other tasty ingredients.
Quick preparation of a healthy and tasty broccoli soup, without salt, also suitable for children.
Very tasty and healthy soup. Cooking without salt and nutmeg it is also suitable for small children. Serve with dry roasted bread or rolls. Beetroot dumplings (halušky) give the soup an interesting, slightly sweet taste.
Quick, simple soup with tasty semolina dumplings halusky for children and adults.
Potato "halusky" baked with pieces of salmon and bechamel sauce.
Tasty recipe of original Hungarian goulash. It consists only of meat, onions, peppers and tomatoes. It is very tasty and even if it is not thickened, it is thick enough. It is traditionally served with potato dumplings (halusky), but nothing prevents ...

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