Cheese bread

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Quick crunchy pastries for late announced visit.
Delicious crispy dinner.
Rich soup with tasty leek, cheese, and crispy butter croutons.
Favourite salty flat bread from bryndza and onion.
Traditional, favorite, fragile shortbread cookies with vanilla flavor, stuck with damson cheese with cinnamon, and you will love them immediately.
Delicious cheeses thanks to the spicy mixture Gyros. Suitable as an appetizer but also just for breakfast. Serve with fresh white bread.
Serve warm vegetables bread pudding as a main course with fresh tomato or cucumber salad. You can also serve it cold as a salty vegetables pie. It is also suitable as a side dish to fried or baked meat.
This smooth spread does not have to be served only with bread and pastry. It is fitting even as filling to vegetables, e.g. peppers, tomatoes or cucumber..
Creamy spread of great taste. It is suitable for bread or pastry, for breakfast or dinner.
Tasty spread for bread or baguette.
Favourite traditional spread. Served with bread or buns and rolls.
Serve fried fish with hot potato - cheese sauce, rise and lemon slice.
cheesecake with shortbread base with sweet cream cheese, fruit and whisked egg white baked.
Delicious starter and canapé. Served on a dessert plate and consumed using cutlery.
Garnished breads have many forms. We offer a classic, unforgettable recipe from our childhood for simple open sandwiches. No celebration or New Year's Eve could be celebrated without them! They taste today, as well as in the past.
Tasty spread for fresh bread.
Serve with bread pastry and fresh vegetable.
Tasty spread that is most delicious with fresh wholemeal bread, but also with a crunchy white croissant. Also suitable for canapés.
Tasty appetizer for celebrations and holidays. Serve with favorite salads, garnished dishes.
Recipe for preparing fine balls from cream curd, served with a sweet streusel of breadcrumbs. The balls are topped with a sweet and sour sauce of fresh apricots. For a larger family, we recommend to double the rations of the ingredients.


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