Cabbage and potatoes

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Tasty lunch or dinner from one baking dish.
Fine vegetable meatloaf with cheese and bacon flavors. Serve with mashed potatoes.
cabbage and potato pie with bacon and smoked meat.
Meal where you can use smoked meat left from holidays.
Tasty lunch from potatoes, sauerkraut, bacon and eggs, favourite mainly during the winter time.
Delicious potato pancakes with filling from sauerkraut and filling from meat.
Original recipe for this ancient soup mentiones the preparation in kettle placed over the fire and baking potatoes in hot embers. We offer you easy preparation of this tasty and healthy soup in the modern cousin.
Traditional delicacy of our great grandmothers. This rich meal was part of menu mainly during winter time when potatoes and onion were stored in cellar, sauerkraut in wood, in a larder piece of good bacon from home slaughtering.
Dumplings from potato dough prepared with sauerkraut and fried bacon.

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