An excellent dessert with soft sponge-biscuits filled with strawberry mixture, soft custard pudding and whipped cream. Ideal for special occasions.
Simple backed dessert with fantastic cream.
Delicate classic cake... recipe for a version with cream cheese - pudding filling.
Delicious cream dessert. From my own experience presented 16 squares may not be enough :), we recommend to double the amount and bake 32, just in case :).
Simple receipt for a cremesh from biscuits, pudding and whipped cream.
Delicious cake from quick cream cheese pastry and pears, poured over with sweet caramel.
Delicate dessert from coconut sponge pastry, cocoa cream, sponge biscuits, decorated with whipped cream custard.
We offer you another recipe for favorite liqueur dessert from our kitchen. Sponge cake base with eggnog, smooth chocolate-liqueur filling and loving whipped cream, you will certainly love it.
Potato „gnocchi“ with a cheese sauce and cream. You can buy gnocchi and cook them in a few minutes in a water, or prepare home-made following our recipe which can be found on this page.
Excellent rice pudding, rich in ingredients with high energetic value.
Tiramisu without alcohol and caffeine, full of honey, cream cheese, cream and coconut for children and drivers :)
Fantastic mascarpone cream cake full of sweet bananas. Creating a cheesboard pattern may seem complicated, but in fact it is very simple. All you have to do is to follow our steps, which are written down into a number of simple steps.


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