Three-colored cream waves on smooth cocoa cake base. Dessert that will not disappoint even the most choosy ones.
A little pastry, gelatin, a lot of fruit and even more whipped cream.
Soft walnut cakes with cream and occasional decoration.
Very tasty, sweet little cakes filled with different kind of filling - curd, poppy, nuts or just a classic jam. To make them takes a bit longer time as long as it is not possible to bake them all at the same time. Otherwise, eating them does not take ...
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Nontraditional honey cakes with the scent of Christmas.
Sweet cakes for the Christmas table.
Sweet, crunchy, walnut cakes with whipped egg whites. A recipe inspired by popular walnut bars, but with much easier preparation.
Something salty a bite to eat.
Creamy chestnut cakes for Christmas table.
Crispy,tasty looking Christmas cakes.
Delicate and soft Christmas cakes from butter-creamy dough.
Sweet Christmas cakes with a delicate taste of coffee.
Marzipan christmas cakes soaked in chocolate.
Grated cakes are very popular. Try this with cream curd and apples, it's really delicious!
Popular Linz cakes with a lovely Christmas motif. It will taste to everyone!
Delicate butter cakes, full of almond aroma and taste.


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