Preparation of Simple Cold Buffet

Preparation of Simple Cold Buffet


Hint, how to easily prepare a good banquet.


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1. Cold buffet

can be prepared quickly and easily from the finished ingredients, sliced salami, ham, and cheese.

Cold buffet


Place ham, salami, cheese in a platter, cover the whole platter with one ingredient and then gradually place another one so that we have individual portions in the platter. We can combine them also with hard-boiled eggs, or serve eggs in the separate platter.


We can combine ham and cheese with baked salty rolls filled with vegetables.


Use your fantasy to arrange the meal on the platter, or inspire yourself with published pictures.


We can arrange vegetables in the separate platter, but we can also enrich ham and cheese platter with vegetables.


According to the occasion, you can serve eggs separately. You can cut hard-boiled eggs, remove egg yolks, mix them with cheese, butter, mustard and stuff the egg whites with the filling. These delicious stuffed eggs are very tasty with caviar.

Bon appetit!


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